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Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram down, you will be stunned to know the reason

New Delhi.WhatsApp These days it has become a necessity for everyone. This is the reason that even after closing WhatsApp for a minute, users start having a lot of trouble. A few days ago Whatsapp was down and it was down continuously for 2 hours. This caused a lot of trouble to many people. Now once again Whatsapp is down. But this time WhatsApp alone is not down. With this Instagram and Facebook have also been down.

Actually Whatsapp, Instagram And Facebook Not in India but down in UK. Many users had a lot of trouble with this and after recovering later, people also complained about it on social media. However, later on this clarification was also given by Meta. He said that he was making changes in his configuration service. Many people had to face trouble due to this. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the people.

Earlier, a problem was seen in Whatsapp on Tuesday as well. when it suddenly went down. After this, users were not able to send any photo, video. Even making video and voice calls was not possible. This problem continued for 2 hours continuously. It had taken a long time for the meta officials to fix it. However, after a long struggle, now the WhatsApp server is working normally, while the problem was seen again in the UK today.

There is a lot of turmoil going on in social media. A few days ago, Elon Musk took over Twitter. Along with taking over Twitter, he has made a lot of changes at the level of officials. Musk had fired Parag Agarwal, the then CAO of Twitter, as soon as he arrived. Along with this, the race for new changes is also going on on Twitter. Now the option of Edit has also been given on Twitter. That is, now any tweet can be edited easily.

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