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Whatsapp Chatting Security: No one else is reading your chatting on WhatsApp? do check

Whatsapp Chatting Security , Due to safe communication, chatting on WhatsApp has become quite common in the world these days. People also write their private conversations during chatting. But just imagine, what would happen if someone ever got your hands on all your WhatsApp chatting. There is such a feature in our mobile phone which is not known about. Today let us tell you how your secure chatting can be leaked and in what way you can prevent this from happening.

One carelessness on your part may cost you dearly.

Let us tell you that at present about 48 crore people are using WhatsApp in India. The reason for increasing the use of this app is considered to be its safety. However, a small negligence of yours can give a chance to anyone to break into this safety. For this one has to use only a small trick. The name of this trick is WhatsApp Web. The feature of WhatsApp Web is provided on all phones. This means that using this feature, you can use one WhatsApp account on 4 devices. During this, you forget that you have turned on your whatsapp in any other device.

Can run WhatsApp on 4 devices simultaneously

Let us tell you that you work on a laptop or desktop in your office and you need WhatsApp chatting again and again, then you go to WhatsApp Web and share it in other devices. For this, you have to go to your laptop or desktop and write WhatsApp Web in Google. After this, when you come to WhatsApp Web, you will see a scan code. Then you will go to your phone’s WhatsApp account and go to Settings. There you will see Linked Devices written. You have to click on this. After which your whatsapp will open in other devices.

How can your chatting get leaked?

If you click on Linked Devices, the scanner will open. After this you will scan the code shown on the laptop or desktop with that scanner. As soon as it is scanned, WhatsApp will start running in your mobile phone as well as your laptop or desktop with the same account. During this, all your talk will be visible in that other device that you are doing in your phone. In such a situation, if you do not logout of WhatsApp Web on laptop or desktop by mistake while going home, then your WhatsApp will remain open and anyone can see all your chatting during this time.

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Log out immediately

During this, if you suspect that someone is not reading your message in the above way, then you can find out about him with a trick. You have to open your WhatsApp first. There you will see three dots. On clicking on those three dots, the option of Linked Devices will appear. By clicking on it, you will get information about all the devices below where your WhatsApp account is running. If you think that no one is yours in the device shown in front, then you can log out by clicking on it.


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