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WhatsaApp: Storage full of useless photos and videos? Delete it at once


WhatsApp is a popular app worldwide
A lot of data is exchanged daily in WhatsApp
Here we are telling you how to clear the storage

new Delhi. WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app worldwide. Since the time of Corona, it has started being used for both personal and official work. Since, apart from messages, people also share photos and videos in the app. This app also takes up a lot of storage. In such a situation, WhatsApp offers some ways to free up storage space. Let us know about those methods.

Before deleting any data, see how much space WhatsApp is taking on your smartphone. To view WhatsApp data, you have to go to WhatsApp> Settings> Storage and data> Manage storage. From here you will be able to see how much phone memory is there and how much space is taken by WhatsApp media.

Here’s how to review and delete WhatsApp media:

After viewing the storage, you can review the media and delete large or frequently forwarded items. You can also delete media according to chat.

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For this, you have to tap on Larger than 5 MB inside the manage storage or select a specific chat.

You can also select Newest, Oldest or Largest option for media.

After this, you can select any one or multiple media and delete them.

Even if you have deleted these files from WhatsApp, these files can still be in the phone’s storage. In this case, you have to delete them from the gallery as well.

Delete media files through search like this:

Users can also delete any single media through the new filter search feature.

For this, open the WhatsApp Chats tab and tap on Search.

After this, select the photo, video or document which media you want to search and delete.

Then tap and open the item which you want to delete.

After this tap on More > Delete.


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