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What’s Wrong with Life Extension Diets

The most popular diets are based on the idea of ​​restricting calories, avoiding certain macronutrients, or shortening meal times. Scientists at the University of Washington reviewed various dietary studies to see if diets work.

All diets were categorized into calorie-restricted diets and non-calorie-restricted diets. Within the categories, approaches varied. There were those that advised to eliminate protein, and those that are based on intermittent fasting.

Scientists have seen that in studies in mice, the diets studied did indeed increase lifespan. When it comes to human studies, it is ambiguous. Overall, the work confirms that restrictive diets are beneficial for those already suffering from obesity and / or metabolic disorders. But among healthy people, diets work for someone, although they give an insignificant effect, for someone they do not work, and sometimes even harm.

The authors concluded that there is no reliable evidence that life-prolonging diets prolong human life.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision about your health, consult a specialist.

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