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What’s the catch of the seemingly identical “single” USB-C cables: it’s all about the characteristics of the devices

In addition, according to the Android Authority, another problem with USB-C is that the capabilities and characteristics of this port differ in different technologies. For example, in 2020, the Google Pixel 4 didn’t work with some older USB-A cables. It is also quite difficult for users in general to understand how well their smartphones will be charged by non-native chargers, and some manufacturers are now also using their own wireless charging technologies: Adaptive Fast Charging (Samsung), SuperCharge (Huawei). These technologies are only partially compatible with Power Delivery (a technology for fast charging devices), which makes charging not at full capacity.

According to Electronic Design, USB-C connectors look exactly the same in different devices, while they differ in characteristics from each other. The same goes for cables. Moreover, it is impossible to find out their characteristics visually: sometimes the connector can support DisplayPort, and sometimes Thunderbolt.

The Android Authority emphasizes that this confusion will remain as long as there are many legacy devices and ports around the world.

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