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Whats App 2022 will bring special features, changing the prediction of chatting

In early 2022, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp will bring special features for its users. It will also include Auto Disappearing Message and Multi-device support features. Now the company is working on some of its new features, which will be launched in the new year. We will give you detailed information about the special features of WhatsApp coming in 2022 (Whats App Features 2022). (Whats App features and changes in 2022)

Themes will support ( Themes support )

Next year the company will launch custom wallpapers and chat themes on the platform to give you a better chatting experience on WhatsApp. But the company has not released more information about the wallpaper and themes. According to experts, the company will take this step to make the mobile app very attractive and interactive.

Multi Linked Devices (Support for more linked devices)

WhatsApp’s multi-linked-device feature allows you to connect your WhatsApp account to four other devices besides your smartphone. In today’s multi-screen age where many people use more than one device and use more than one browser for some work in that device. WhatsApp’s multi-linked-device features are limited to four devices.

Auto delete the account ( Auto the Delete the Account)

Telegram allows its users to delete their own accounts. Users can set their own time to delete an account. Thus, WhatsApp is preparing to support its users with the Auto-Delete Account feature, which is expected to be released in 2022. However, WhatsApp has not yet given any indication about the launch of this feature.

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