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What you need to eat to feel good in winter

According to the doctor, when the cold begins, it is time for “working hibernation” – weakness develops, it becomes more difficult to work, to lead an active lifestyle. This is influenced not only by a decrease in heat, but also by sunlight, a lack of vitamin D.

To cheer up without medication, you need to eat foods that contain enough omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. There are enough of them in fatty fish, cod liver is suitable and not even salted, but baked herring, sprat. In addition to fish, it is important to eat broccoli, egg yolk. You should try to drink green tea, which stimulates brain activity well.

Also, during the cold weather, vitamins of group B will be of help, which normalize the work of the nervous system.

But it is important to observe the measure in everything. As the expert noted, even a piece is enough to help the body with this food. Moreover, you do not need to eat these products every day. It is equally important to consume a lot of vegetables, sauerkraut, peppers and other greens in the amount of half a kilogram per day, raw or stewed.

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