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What will happen if absolutely all Russians are forced to vaccinate

This opinion was expressed by many experts. In particular, Evgeny Egorov, a leading analyst of the Digital Risk Protection department of Group-IB, shared his views on this matter. In his opinion, trading in QR codes will begin both on shadow forums and in the corresponding Telegram channels.

This is evidenced by the 20-fold increase in the number of such offers compared to June-July this year. But if in the summer it was possible to purchase a fake QR code separately from other documents – a certificate of vaccination and the result of a PCR test, now the codes are generated based on information from the certificate. Therefore, such proposals promise the introduction of information into government services and will allegedly be officially displayed there. According to experts, there are already more than three thousand such proposals.

“Now QR-codes are offered already through state services (information about vaccination will allegedly be displayed on the official website) – the cost of such a service is on average four thousand rubles,” Yegorov said.

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