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«What we know about this center Wildberries, — strangely, it worked». After the fire, demand for similar objects may increase, as stated by the Deputy Head of Minprotorg RF

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Head of the Ministry of Industrial Security of the Russian Federation, Viktor Evtukhov, said that after the incident at the Wildberries warehouse, the question of strengthening requirements for the placement and operation of such objects is being considered.

Interestingly, the warehouse company worked, did not go through the necessary procedures. This, according to him, was strange: «What we know about this center Wildberries, — strange, that it worked, but also, as I understand it, was not accepted and did not go through all the necessary procedures. I think there will be a separate discussion on this matter, the relevant bodies will evaluate and give a decision. But if necessary, then, perhaps, more requirements can be made to the placement and functioning of such objects.»

Victor Yevtukhov added that cases of fires are registered not only at distribution centers of marketplaces, but also at other objects. Currently, security issues of such objects are regulated quite clearly.

Photo: Valentin Egorshin/TASS

«There are control-surveillance bodies, which deal with checking such objects. <…>To date, all the procedures that must be passed to launch such an object are prescribed. Another matter – how such objects can work without observing all these procedures. Here, of course, a separate conversation – I think, to which our colleagues will return again», — said Yevtukhov.

The fire at the Wildberries warehouse in the village of Shusharay in Sankt-Peterburg occurred on January 13. 1,2 thousand were found in the warehouse. There was no data about the victims. The investigative committee on the fact of the fire initiated a criminal case under article 201 of the UK RF (abuse of powers).

became known earlierWildberries offers owners of burnt goods stored in Shusharah to waive compensation. Company has already paid compensation more than 50% or about 160 thousand. entrepreneurs.

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