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What to do if you lose your smartphone

The specialist advised to take care of its protection even before the loss of the smartphone. In particular, you need to install a pin code or a fingerprint scanner. It is also worth adding the ability to remotely lock the device and rewrite the IMEI and serial number of the device, which will come in handy in case of theft.

Make sure that you have the option to lock your phone remotely, back up your data and store it in the cloud, and write down the IMEI and serial number of your phone – this information can be useful in case of theft ”, – the expert gave advice.

If the smartphone is lost, you need to activate the “Find phone” option or call from another number. If the user is sure that the device has been stolen, it is possible to delete personal data from it using a certain function, but it will not work to find it.

You can log out from all social networks and services remotely, thanks to the “End sessions on all devices” function. Linked bank cards, in turn, can be blocked, as well as a SIM card. You can file a report with the police about the theft of a smartphone, indicating the IMEI number, serial number of the device and the circumstances of the incident.

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