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What to buy if you need a TV with normal integration of Russian services and voice control in Russian

It is logical that many of the platform’s capabilities are tied to the ecosystem of Sberbank’s services. And the main characters of the interactions are three virtual assistants (Sber, Athena and Joy) with the same functionality, but different voices and, if I may say so, characters. You can contact them with requests to find something on the Internet, tell in detail about the weather and traffic situation, just talk on abstract topics. In addition, directly from the TV screen, you can order ready-made food from the Delivery Club and products from the Scooter, as well as use dozens of other skills (in fact, voice mini-applications) and in cities where there is support, use the Duet concierge service. With its help, you can instruct assistants to record a haircut. Yes, just say it into the TV remote control – and the rest will be done for you.

Is it possible to get close to such a TV with a “file”?

The Salyut TV platform is developed on the basis of AOSP, so there are some opportunities to dig deeper into the functionality to fit your needs. This is a good option for those who do not have enough basic capabilities and for people who consider setting up new equipment after purchase either as a hobby, or as a kind of challenge to maximize functionality on their own. It is hardly possible to turn the user experience of Salyut TV upside down (and why is it necessary?), But you can install third-party applications and services.

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