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What symptoms should you avoid driving? And why

Driving is already a certain risk, especially if you don’t feel well. Andrey Kondrakhin, Ph.D. in Medicine, told the Russians about the symptoms in which it is better not to drive, because it can have risks.

Kondrakhin spoke about the symptoms of exacerbation of acute respiratory viral infections, as those with which it is better not to drive. Because temperature, intoxication, headaches or sweating can lead to impaired attention, tactile sensitivity, which completely causes problems with driving, the expert explained.

However, catarrhal phenomena, such as sore throat or tonsillitis, do not have such an effect, Kondrakhin assured.

In addition, he stated that it is also not recommended to drive a car in life-threatening conditions. He separately singled out coronary heart disease in the acute stage, hypertensive crisis and pre-stroke state.

News items cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult with a specialist.



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