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What qualities in a person can be developed even without his desire to change

During the study, the scientist conducted two experiments. Each of them lasted four months. In the first experiment, 175 college students worked to improve either emotional stability or consciousness (includes qualities such as organization, efficiency, responsibility, and a tendency to plan their own actions).

In the second experiment, more than 400 students from several universities first chose the line they wanted to work on, and then half of them were eventually given other traits to work on instead of the chosen ones.

It turned out that those who completed the tasks to help develop consciousness noticed improvements. And this even applied to those who were not interested in completing assignments. But this did not happen with emotional stability: only the participants who initially decided to work on it successfully developed this quality.

Hudson argues that the results associated with emotional stability are due to the fact that people are faced with negative emotions when developing this quality. For example, many find it difficult to stop being nervous or angry.

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