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What popular New Year’s salad should be discarded

Nutritionist Alena Stepanova told reporters which salad common in Russia should be eaten less often or even excluded from the diet.

Stepanova talked about a salad made from crab sticks. According to the nutritionist, crab sticks do not contain crab meat. They only resemble it in taste and appearance, but they consist of processed fish, starch, dye, flavoring additives. The benefits of such a product are questionable. “If we are talking about healthy eating, then it is better to eat crab meat, shrimp or fish,” said Stepanova.

She also noted that crab salad is dressed with even less wholesome mayonnaise.

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“If you are visiting and there is no healthier alternative on the table, then one or two tablespoons will not do much harm, if, of course, you combine them with other healthy dishes on the table. If you are on a medical diet, I recommend refraining from crab sticks, and I also advise you to refuse them to those who have allergic symptoms, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivity, skin manifestations, chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, migraines, headaches. pain “

Alena Stepanova

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a nutritional decision, consult a health professional.


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