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What people should eat to stay healthy and save the planet

To address this problem, the EAT – Lancet Commission, having analyzed the necessary literature, drew up a nutrition plan. It mainly includes products of plant origin.

The diet developed by scientists is calculated on the fact that one person consumes 2500 kilocalories daily. And the amount of red meat per day according to it will be 100 grams for a 30-year-old person with an average weight. At the same time, ultra-processed foods (sugar, frozen ready meals, etc.) are generally excluded. The commission estimates that this type of diet will save the lives of approximately 11 million people annually.

At the same time, other scientists about the diet are controversial. For example, Tai Biel, a Washington, D.C. scientist, with the Global Alliance for Better Nutrition, analyzed the diet and found that it provides 78% of the recommended intake of zinc and 86% of calcium for people over 25 and provides 55% of the iron for women of reproductive age.

At the same time, nutritionist Marko Springmann, who was part of the EAT-Lancet modeling team, emphasizes that the diet cannot be considered a universal recommendation.

Scientists are currently working on methods that will convince people to stick to a healthy diet on a consistent basis. In addition, access to essential food in different countries is a problem: for example, nuts, fish, eggs, dairy products cannot be obtained by millions of people.

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