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What people are prone to “New Year’s depression” and what to do about it

In the pre-New Year period, people who are prone to such depression can be divided into two groups. In the first – those who are worried about what they did not have time to do, in the second – who are worried about a large number of future cases. As a result, the former easily feel burnout, are prone to procrastination, a sense of their own failure. The latter are neurotic people who are worried about future actions.

Psychologist Vadim Kviletskiy noted that still people who feel despondency and other symptoms of “New Year’s depression” for a long time need to seek help from a specialist.

If you suspect clinical depression, the specialist advises you to see a psychiatrist to clarify the diagnosis. In addition, it is important to draw up a further action plan. At the same time, you need to perform no more than 3-4 tasks daily.

For anxious people, the psychologist recommends paying attention to the thoughts that cause anxiety. After that, you need to allow yourself to experience this feeling, and then bring anxiety to the point of absurdity. And one more piece of advice that the psychologist gave to everyone is to accept uncertainty as a fact. That is, we are not able to control everything and always, and this must be understood.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

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