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What New Year’s Food is Dangerous for Your Dog

  1. Meatballs with onions and sage. It is best to keep them away from both dogs and cats. Onions can cause heart palpitations and respiration, weakness and diarrhea in animals, and some symptoms may not be noticeable for several days.

  2. Blue cheese. The mold it contains can be dangerous to the dog.

  3. Chocolate. It contains stimulants that act on dogs like coffee does on humans. The darker the chocolate, the worse.

  4. Nuts. While not all nuts are toxic to dogs, it is best to keep macadamias and black walnuts away from the animal.

  5. Treats with raisins. Dried grapes can potentially lead to kidney failure in pets.

  6. Alcohol. In no case should you give it to animals.

The experts also named the food, the leftovers of which can still be given to the dog in moderation. These are boiled turkey, chicken and salmon, vegetables such as carrots, peas, green beans and parsnips (but no salt).

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