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What kind of music helps you work more efficiently

It is important to note here that the workflow is divided into several stages. These are “Work stage”, “Work in”, “Optimal performance”, “Compensation”, “Exit from work / rest”. Each of them needs its own type of music. For the “Worker” – either that which is associated with work, or a neutral composition. At the same time, it is necessary to make it clear to the body that turning on this melody is a signal to start work: for this, every time you need to work, you just need to turn on this song. After 10-15 repetitions, the brain must learn the meaning of this signal. What is also very important: use the selected composition only for switching to work.

The second step is to select several compositions so that they go from less stimulating to more stimulating. To increase the stimulation (or motivation) will help such parameters as volume, tempo, “severity”, novelty. Most of the playlist should include familiar songs, but you can add a few new tracks on a weekly basis.

Stage three. The main rule for the selection of music here is “The more monotonous the work, the more varied the music, and vice versa”. Moreover, if your activity involves communicating with people or working with texts, then you need to choose compositions without words at all or in a language you do not know. This is explained by the fact that when listening to music in Russian and reading the text on it, the brain will try to simultaneously process these signals. And in the end, neither one nor the other will work. New music at this stage must also be discarded.

During “Compensation” you need to include songs that combine tempo, speed, novelty, “heaviness”.

When Exiting Work, there are several track options to look out for. These are compositions related to relaxation for you; a playlist, where the songs go in the reverse order of what they were at the “Working” stage; sounds of nature.

During rest, you need to turn to your favorite songs.

Even when using this method, mistakes can be made, as a result of which there will be no useful effect from the music. First, you shouldn’t use ready-made playlists like “Music for Reading”, “Music for Productivity”, etc. (however, if you are already accustomed to working with them, then continue to use) Secondly, you cannot take music for work that evokes strong emotions and is not associated with work duties. Finally, you don’t need to listen to music all the time. Otherwise, it will cease to give the desired effect.

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