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What is wireless charger and how does phone charge? Know everything important


Wireless charging uses electromagnetic induction to charge the phone.
Electromagnetic induction releases electric energy into the air, with the help of which the phone is charged.
Due to wireless charging, the phone gets hotter, so wire charging is better.

New Delhi. Technology is something that is constantly updated. If we talk about mobile phones, then we have felt this change. We all have decided the distance from a phone with a small button to a phone as big as a hand. On the other hand, talking about the charging of mobile phones, earlier there was a thin pin charger which was named A type charger, then B type and now C type charger phones are also available in the market.

After these three types, there is another type of charger in the market that is wireless charger. You must have heard about wireless charging. Now this facility is being given in new phones. People are very surprised to see how the phone is charged without a wire. Today we are going to tell you about how wireless charger works.

How Wireless Charger Works
Wireless charging is now in trend. Slowly users are adopting it, before using it is very important to know how this charger works. Actually, a special type of device is used to charge the mobile phone with wireless charging. This is done by electromagnetic induction. This means that electromagnetic induction releases electric energy into the air. The phone is charged with this energy only.

how does the phone charge
For example, when electromagnetic induction is turned on, it creates a magnetic field all around. Similarly, mobile phones have a copper coil, which supports wireless charging. The magnetic field is connected to the copper coil of the mobile phone. Electric energy is generated from the magnetic field and due to this the battery of the phone starts charging.

Does wireless charging affect the phone
The phone overheats due to wireless charging. Many phones are unable to tolerate this heat, so the chances of the phone getting damaged increase. Therefore, a wire charger is more beneficial than a wireless charger.

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