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What is Wi-Fi calling, what are its benefits and how to set it up in your smartphone

New Delhi: Wi-Fi calling is done at a place where connectivity is low or poor. This means that when your phone uses Wi-Fi to make calls over a mobile network to increase connectivity, it is called Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is a facility provided by your telecom provider. It is able to make the call clear and easy.

All major telecom companies in India like Airtel, Jio and Vodafone Idea (VI) provide Wi-Fi calling to their customers. Since this feature has become common now, people want to know what exactly it does and how Wi-Fi calls are possible in a situation where one person is sitting on the other side of the country, because you are clearly a Not sharing the same network. Come, let us give you complete information in this regard.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?
Simply put, Wi-Fi calling is a facility that allows users to send and receive calls and texts over a Wi-Fi connection in lieu of mobile data. This is especially effective in places with poor connectivity. Your smartphone uses Wi-Fi network to make calls instead of telecom companies’ networks. Wi-Fi calling is usually activated automatically by the telecom provider. Users usually do not need to do anything on their smartphone to activate Wi-Fi calling.

Would more data be consumed?
Your question would be whether Wi-Fi calling consumes more data or battery than normal calling? The answer is no. Wi-Fi Calling only uses your Wi-Fi network to make calls and does not use any mobile data. According to Airtel, a 5-minute Wi-Fi call consumes around 5MB of data. Battery consumption is also like normal calls. This is because the smartphone is doing the same thing, but over Wi-Fi instead of the mobile network.

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charge how much?
Wi-Fi calling is activated automatically by your telecom provider, if they have this facility. This is a free service and users do not have to pay anything extra for Wi-Fi calling. To check whether your network provider has Wi-Fi calling or not, you need to go to your smartphone’s settings. For Android, users need to go to Settings > Mobile network or connections > Wi-Fi. Then you have to see whether Wi-Fi calling is visible or not. For iPhone, users have to go to Settings > Phone > Mobile data > Wi-Fi calling. The option will be visible only if your telecom provider supports Wi-Fi calling.

Call is better or worse?
Call quality is good in most cases, while sometimes much better. The reason being that the solution to the poor connectivity problem is the purpose of Wi-Fi calling. However, sometimes it takes some time for the Wi-Fi call to connect from the other side.


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