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What is VVPAT Machine and Understand what is VVPAT machine? and How does this machine work

The method of conducting elections has evolved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days when voting was done using ballot papers. Instead, paper ballots were replaced by Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), and subsequently, Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines were introduced in response to concerns raised about EVMs. Despite the passage of time, many people remain unfamiliar with VVPAT and how this machine operates.

The first phase of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 has concluded, with the second phase scheduled for April 26th. Throughout the election process, opposition parties have consistently raised questions regarding EVMs and VVPAT machines. However, there are still numerous unanswered questions surrounding these machines, leaving many individuals uninformed.

Today, ask yourself: do you understand what a VVPAT machine is, how it functions, or how long the VVPAT slip remains visible after casting your vote? If you lack answers to these important questions, join us as we provide detailed information on each aspect.

Understanding VVPAT: What is a VVPAT machine?

Before delving into the functionality of VVPAT machines, it’s essential to comprehend the meaning behind the acronym. VVPAT stands for Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail. In the era before EVMs and VVPAT, elections were conducted using ballot papers. However, with technological advancements, EVMs replaced traditional ballot papers. Yet, concerns regarding the integrity of electronic voting persisted, prompting the introduction of VVPAT machines by the Election Commission.

How VVPAT Works: The operational process of VVPAT

Both EVMs and VVPATs are interconnected with the Machine Control Unit (MCU). When a voter selects a candidate by pressing a button on the EVM, a beep indicates that the vote has been recorded, and simultaneously, a printed slip bearing the candidate’s name and symbol is generated in the VVPAT machine adjacent to the EVM. Although voters cannot take this slip home, they can visually verify the printed details for a brief moment before it is securely stored in a sealed compartment within the machine.

Visibility of VVPAT Slip: Duration of visibility

The VVPAT slip remains visible through a glass window on the machine for approximately 7 seconds after a vote is cast. During this brief period, voters can confirm that their vote has been accurately recorded for their chosen candidate before the slip is automatically deposited into a compartment below the machine.

Inaugural Use of VVPAT

The Election Commission did not always employ VVPATs alongside EVMs. It was introduced as a response to concerns surrounding EVMs. Can you recall when the Election Commission first utilized VVPATs?

While some may be aware of this historical moment, many remain uninformed. Notably, during the Nagaland Assembly elections in 2013, the Election Commission conducted a trial run of the VVPAT machine for the first time, marking its inaugural use in an electoral process.


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