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What is TOS-2 Tosochka? Such a weapon from which Russia is taking away the breath of Ukrainian soldiers. Know about it

What is TOS-2 Tosochka: Russia is continuously employing a weapon named TOS-2 Tosochka in the ongoing war with Ukraine. It is reported that this weapon is highly effective in incapacitating enemy soldiers by depriving them of oxygen.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict may not be making headlines as much, but hostilities persist. This war has garnered attention for various reasons, one of which is Russia’s consistent use of a weapon known as TOS-2 Tosochka in its engagements with Ukraine. It’s claimed that this weapon severely impacts enemy combatants by significantly reducing oxygen levels in the targeted area, making breathing difficult for those within its vicinity.

What is TOS-2 Tosochka?

TOS-2 Tosochka is reported to be a multiple rocket launcher system equipped with a thermobaric warhead. It is typically employed when inflicting damage on a large concentration of enemy forces is the objective. Upon impact, TOS-2 Tosochka is said to deplete the surrounding oxygen, causing respiratory distress among soldiers in the affected area.

According to reports, TOS-2 Tosochka can target an area spanning up to 10 kilometers. With 18 rockets in its launcher system, it has the capability to engage multiple targets across expansive areas simultaneously. It’s believed that the Russian military has utilized this rocket system for several years.

What are Thermobaric Weapons?

The thermobaric warhead incorporated in the TOS-2 Tosochka rocket launcher system is its defining feature. Thermobaric weapons, also known as aerosol bombs or vacuum bombs, operate by dispersing an aerosol cloud of explosive material in the form of gas, liquid, or powder. They can be deployed from various platforms, including launchers and aircraft.

This explosive cloud creates a vacuum effect upon detonation, which can lead to the depletion of oxygen in the target area or directly cause harm to personnel within the blast radius.


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