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What is the secret of mobile charger being black and white? Know the math behind it here

New Delhi. Have you ever wondered why mobile chargers are only white or black? After all, why is it that they are not made of any other color? If you have never paid attention to this thing, then today we are telling you the reason for it. A lot of logic has also been put into making the Chargers black or white and this has been done with a lot of thought. So let us know what is the reason behind it.

Why are chargers black?

The reasoning behind why chargers are black is that this color absorbs heat better than other colors. Black color is called and considered an ideal emitter. Its emission value is 1. At the same time, it is also said that if black material is bought then it is also economical. The materials of other colors are a bit expensive. This is the only reason why chargers are made of black color.

Why are chargers white?
Earlier chargers used to come in black but then chargers were made in white color as well. There are many companies that give only white color charger. It is argued that it has less reflector capacity. This color does not allow the heat coming from outside to reach inside. It controls it.

After all, how mobile chargers work:
Every charger works in almost the same way. The current that comes to the house is for AC. AC means Alternate Current. In such a situation, the plug of household appliances is put in this socket. They do not require any kind of converter. But if a device has a battery such as a phone, it needs DC current. This is where the mobile charger is used, it is a device that stores the charge of the battery and then converts it from AC to DC.

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