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What is the price of iPhone 14 in Dubai, why is buying a profitable deal?

Cupertino based tech giant Apple has launched its latest iPhone series globally. The new iPhone series includes the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Often you must have seen that the price of the iPhone series in India is lower than that of the US and Dubai (UAE). You must have heard many people saying that they get the iPhone from outside their friends or close ones at a cheaper price. Today we are telling you how much the latest launched iPhone series costs in Dubai (UAE) and how much it is less than India. Also, if you order it from Dubai, can you use it in India or not?

Apple iPhone 14 Series Price in India

considering the price iPhone 14 The starting price of Rs.79,900 is Rs. There itself iPhone 14 Plus The starting price of Rs 89,990, iphone 14 pro Can be purchased for Rs 1,29,900. Other than this iphone 14 pro max 1,39,900 is available for Rs.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Price in Dubai (UAE)

Talking about the price, the initial price of iPhone 14 in Dubai is AED 3,399 i.e. around Rs 73,818.38 in Indian currency. While the initial price of iPhone 14 Plus in Dubai is AED 3,799 i.e. around Rs 82,505.45 in Indian currency, iPhone 14 Pro can be bought in Dubai for AED 4,299 i.e. around Rs 93,364.28 in Indian currency. Apart from this, iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in Dubai for AED 4,699 i.e. Rs 1,02,051.35 in Indian currency.

Apple iPhone 14 Series Price in the US

In terms of price, the price of iPhone 14 in the US is $ 799 i.e. Rs 63,710. You can buy iPhone 14 Plus in the US for $ 899 i.e. Rs 63,710.14. 14 Pro is available in the US for $ 999 i.e. Rs 79,657.61. The starting price of iPhone 14 Pro Max in the US is $ 1,099 i.e. Rs 87,631.35.


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