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What is the disadvantage of converting petrol car to CNG? Most people don’t know about it

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If you convert your petrol car to CNG, the resale value of your car reduces.Image Credit source: tv9 bharatvarsh

PetrolCar and CNG Car : Crude oil prices fluctuate daily in the international market, which directly impacts the price of petrol and diesel in India. At present, the price of petrol in many cities of the country is more than Rs 100 per liter, due to which it is putting a heavy burden on the pockets of car users.

In such a situation, many car users have converted their petrol cars to CNG, because CNG is 10 to 20 rupees cheaper than petrol. Apart from this, CNG car also gives better mileage as compared to petrol, but despite all this, there is a huge loss in converting the car from petrol to CNG, about which most of the people are not aware. When we talked to our auto expert Ketan Sharma on this topic, he explained in detail about the disadvantages of converting a petrol car to CNG.

Disadvantages of converting petrol car to CNG:

decrease in performance

CNG car is less powerful as compared to petrol car. Its pickup is also less than that of a petrol car. The main reason behind this is that the energy density of CNG is less as compared to petrol, due to which it gives less power to the car. Besides, installing CNG kit also reduces the boot space of the car, which causes difficulty in storing luggage during long journeys.

CNG kit has bad effect on shocker

When you fit a CNG kit in your petrol car, the weight at the rear of the car automatically increases by 25 to 30 kg. This is because of CNG kit and CNG. In such a situation, this continuous impact on the rear part of the car is harmful for the back shocker of the car.

More maintenance of CNG car

CNG kits require regular servicing and maintenance, which incurs additional costs. CNG filters, gas lines and other components need to be replaced from time to time. Besides, using CNG in the car also increases the pressure on the engine, because CNG is more flammable than petrol, which can increase the pressure on the engine a little. If you use CNG for a long time, it can have a negative effect on the car engine.

Car resale value and safety

If you convert your petrol car to CNG, the resale value of your car reduces. Also, there is a fear of leakage in getting the CNG kit fitted from outside, because like the factory fitted CNG kit, outside mechanics cannot install it. In such a situation, the possibility of an accident also remains.

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