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What is the difference between Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro Plus: conclusions from the test Compared devices on the YouTube channel experts have found out which of the two Realme smartphones is better: 9 Pro or 9 Pro Plus. More details – in the article.

Smartphones Realme 9 Pro and Realme 9 Pro Plus, according to Andrey, are quite different. Therefore, it was not difficult to choose the best among them. Below is the difference between them.

First of all, this is the difference in dimensions . This is due to the size of the display diagonal . The 9 Pro Plus has 6.4 inches and an AMOLED matrix, while the 9 Pro has 6.6 inches and an IPS screen. In addition, the refresh rate of the first is 90 Hz, the second is 120 Hz.

Also , the fingerprint scanner for 9 Pro is located in the lock button, for 9 Pro Plus it is built into the screen. The first works a little faster and more accurately, the expert notes.

Next – about performance . The Snapdragon 695 is installed on the 9 Pro version, the MediaTek Dimensity 920 is installed on the 9 Pro Plus. The second one is faster and more powerful. In Antutu, the difference between these processors is also very noticeable: 9 Pro scores 380 thousand points during the test, and 9 Pro Plus almost 500 thousand. In games, the Realme 9 Pro Plus smartphone also clearly shows itself better.

In terms of autonomy , the devices also differ from each other. The 9 Pro Plus has a smaller battery (4500 mAh versus 5000 mAh ), but it “lives” longer: by about 20 percent. The 9 Pro Plus also charges faster (100 percent in 40 minutes), as it comes with a 60 W charger (9 Pro has 33 W).

There is a very big difference between smartphones and cameras . This applies to the main module. The 9 Pro Plus has 50 MP and with optical stabilization, the 9 Pro has 64 MP. Also supports 9 Pro Plus shooting video in 4K. Therefore, Realme 9 Pro Plus is definitely better in terms of photo and video shooting.

Sound is also better on the Realme 9 Pro Plus as it supports stereo unlike the Realme 9 Pro. The vibration motor works better on the 9 Pro Plus as well.

In general, the expert concludes, the only similarity between smartphones lies in their appearance. Otherwise, they are completely different devices, and Realme 9 Pro Plus is much better of them.

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