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What is the difference between budget smartphones ZTE and which one is the best: comparison of 8 models

On the YouTube channel Smart Life, we found out how inexpensive ZTE smartphones differ from each other. The cost of all devices is about 10 thousand rubles.

The host of the channel compared eight ZTE models: Blade 20 Smart, Blade A71, Blade A51, Blade A51 Lite, Blade A5 2020, Blade A31, Blade A3 2020, Blade L210… The following parameters were assessed: equipment; appearance; software part; hardware part; communication, sound and GPS; gaming performance; camera; autonomy.

  1. Equipment… Ultra-budget models do not come with a protective film and a cover.

  2. Appearance… All smartphones have at least two colors: mostly gray / black and blue. The Blade A5 2020 has the most – five options – colors to choose from: red, purple, black, blue, gray. The most compact are the Blade A5 2020 and Blade A31, the largest diagonal is in the A71 and A51.

  3. Software part… All devices work on Android: 9th, 10-1 and 11th versions. At the same time, some of them work on the light version of the system, and the other part on the full version. The Blade 20 Smart leads in the speed of opening applications with a time of 9.1 seconds, and the slowest of all they start on the Blade L210.

  1. Hardware part… Most smartphones have the same chip – Unisoc SC9863A. At the same time, the more powerful Mediatek Helio P60 is installed on the Blade 20 Smart, the Unisoc SC9832E on the Blade A3 2020, and the Unisoc SC7731E on the Blade L210.

In Antutu, the Blade 20 Smart gains the most points, and generally speaking, the trend is the following: the more expensive the device, the better its results in this test. In GeekBench, the winner is Blade 20 Smart, and the worst is Blade L210. According to the results of the graphics test, the Blade 20 Smart is again in the lead, and the Blade A3 2020 has the lowest points. In the stress test, a noticeable decrease in performance was observed in the Blade A71, A51 and A31. The best in terms of stability were the Blade A5 2020, A51 Lite and A3 2020.

The devices are equal in terms of the screen refresh rate: it is everywhere 60 Hz. The Blade A5 2020 has the highest maximum brightness and the A31 has the lowest. In general, in terms of display quality, the presenter singled out the A5 2020 and A51 Lite smartphones.

  1. Communication, sound and GPS… In terms of sound quality, the Blade 20 Smart and A71 took the first place. The third place was shared by Blade A31, A5 2020, L210.

  2. Gaming performance… In terms of gaming performance, the Blade 20 Smart showed the best results. The slowest in games was L210.

  1. Camera… In terms of functionality, smartphones are similar. However, the Blade 20 Smart and A71 have the most various photo-related features, while the L210 has the least. From the point of view of shooting video from the main camera, the L210 model stands out, since it is capable of shooting only in HD 30 fps, and the rest – in Full HD 30 fps.

In the process of filming the video, it seemed that the stabilization on any of the smartphones was not working well. The level of detail can be said to be the same. In other words, it is difficult to identify a winner for this parameter.

You can see examples of photos below. From the point of view of shooting in good lighting, the devices give a similar result (although the A71 and 20 Smart are still in the lead), but in the dark and in poor lighting the differences are more visible. And when shooting in the dark, 20 Smart gives the best picture.

The front camera in natural light during the day is slightly better than the others on the A31, 20 Smart, A71, A51, A51 Lite. In the dark, 20 Smart wins again.

  1. Autonomy… The longest during the day holds 20 Smart (51 percent by the end of the day), but L210 (15 percent by the end of the day) loses on this point to everyone else.

As for the charging speed, in this sense, 20 Smart gives the best results (100 percent – in 2 hours 20 minutes), but the A51, A5 2020 and A51 Lite reach 100 percent in 3 hours 20 minutes.

In general, according to experts, of all, it is worth abandoning only the L210: its processor is really very weak. If we talk about a smartphone for active users, then the Blade 20 Smart will be an excellent option from all presented.

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