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What is the Circle to Search feature given in Galaxy S24 Series? How will this make your work easier?

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New Delhi. Samsung has recently launched the new Galaxy S24 series. Some new hardware and many Galaxy AI features have been provided in the new phones. Circle to Search is also included in the new features of the phones. This is a new method of Android, through which information can be found quickly on almost any subject.

It is worth noting that Circle to Search is not an exclusive feature for Samsung phones only. Rather, this is an Android capability. In such a situation, let us understand here what this feature is and how it will work.

What is Circle To Search?
Circle to Search is actually an extension of Google. This feature makes on-the-spot search very easy. Through this feature, information can be collected about any content on the screen, that too without leaving the existing app.

Using this feature is also very easy. To trigger this feature, you just have to press the home button and then circle any object visible on the screen with your finger or stylus. This can be text, an icon, an image, or even a specific part of the image.

By doing this, a small selection will move up from the bottom of the screen and give you quick information about the area highlighted in the circle. You can use this feature to know the meaning of a word, to know about a clothes or shoes or even to identify any object.

Not only this, you can also start searching on a new topic directly from the results at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you see a certain syrup or spread on a photo of pancakes, you can circle it to understand what it is, and then Google what other foods you can use this spread for. Can do with substances.

In which devices will the Circle to Search feature come?
Google has said in its blog that from January 31, it will be available for select premium Android smartphones Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series. However, there is little hope of finding it in entry-level or mid-range phones. Google has also made it clear that this feature will be Android exclusive. This means that it is clear that even after the Google app is installed, this feature will not be available in iPhones.

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