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What is the best fuel for Car and Bike

Which fuel is best for Cars and Bike

Which fuel is best for your car and Bike , normal or premium petrol, know
If you are confused about which fuel would be better for your car or bike, then today we are telling you what is the difference between premium and normal fuel. Which one will be better for your car.

Nowadays, along with normal petrol, you will also see a section of premium petrol at almost all petrol pumps. Many times you must have seen the agents standing at the petrol pump telling people the benefits of premium petrol. Although many times people do not know the difference between premium and normal petrol. They do not understand which petrol will be better for their vehicle. Let us tell you that premium petrol is much more expensive than normal. In such a situation, not everyone is able to afford it. At the same time, people who use premium petrol also do not know whether the premium petrol for which they are spending more money is beneficial for their car or not? Today we are telling you what is the difference between premium and normal petrol. Which fuel will be more suitable for your car or bike.

Difference between premium and normal petrol Petrol is graded on the basis of octane value. The octane value of normal petrol available in India is 87, while the value of premium petrol is 91 octane. High octane fuel has a higher compression ratio which means that the fuel does not burn before starting the engine. The advantage of this would have been that carbon does not build up in the engine. On the other hand, normal petrol has low octane due to which this oil burns a few seconds before the engine starts. Its use for a long time leads to carbon accumulation in the engine and affects the performance of the engine.

If you use high octane petrol, then there is no knocking sound in the engine, which means it is easy to start the engine. Whereas with normal petrol, there is a knocking sound in the engine, due to which the engine gets stressed.

Which fuel is better for the engine? 1 Before adding fuel, keep in mind that which fuel has been given priority in the user manual of the vehicle. 2 Premium ie high octane petrol is right for the engine with more compression. 3 Premium fuel is best for vehicles with more powerful engines like sports cars. 4 In a powerful car or bike, the performance remains intact with premium fuel. 5 This fuel is not of much use for a commuter bike with a low powered engine. 6 Premium fuel in a low power engine also does not affect the performance much. 7 If your car or bike is 5-10 years old then normal petrol is right. 8 But if your car or bike is more powerful then premium fuel will be more right.

Benefits of premium fuel Petrol companies believe that premium fuel improves the mileage of the vehicle. This does not put much pressure on the engine. High octane petrol emits less than normal petrol. Using premium fuel reduces carbon accumulation in the engine of a bike or car. On the other hand, if carbon is already deposited, then it gets removed.

What types of fuel are there in th India

1. Petrol
2. Diesel
3. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
4. Bio-Diesel
5. Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG)
6. Ethanol or Methanol

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars: Find answers to these questions before buying a car; Will be able to choose the best in CNG, Diesel and Petrol variants

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars: Before buying a car, answers to some questions must be found so that there is no burden on the pocket.

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars: Most of the people dream of buying their own car. Before buying a car, apart from the model, brand and price, the most important question that confuses is whether the car should be diesel or run on petrol or CNG. However, cars with each type of fuel have their own advantages and disadvantages. In such a situation, while taking the decision to buy a car, first find answers to some important questions and take a decision based on that.

Take decisions like this in CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel Cars

# Diesel cars are more expensive than petrol cars while CNG cars cost more than petrol cars.

# If you travel less by car, ie less than 500 km every month, then buying a petrol car would be a better decision. However, if normal or average i.e. 800-1000 km is to be run every month, then CNG car will prove to be economical. On the contrary, if the journey is more than 2 thousand km every month, then it would be right to take a diesel car because it will save not only the expenditure on fuel but also save on other expenses including maintenance cost.

# Compared to petrol and diesel cars, the load capacity of CNG cars is less.

# Diesel cars make more noise than petrol cars and its vibration level is higher than petrol cars.

# Currently, one of the problems with buying a CNG car is that its fuel stations are less and it takes more time to refuel.

# Regular maintenance and spares cost of diesel cars are high but its running cost is less as compared to petrol cars. The running cost of a CNG car is lower than both the types of cars. The running cost and oil cost of petrol cars are high.


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