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What is SATA and PATA? How does it work and what is the difference between the two devices, know everything


The important function of SATA and PATA cables is to connect the storage device to the motherboard.
SATA is new, which came after PATA. Although both are almost identical in usage.
The interface is used to connect the storage device to the motherboard of the computer.

New Delhi. Do you know about SATA and PATA? No, then let us tell you about them. Actually, these are 2 types of connecting hard disk to motherboard in a computer. Their main purpose is to connect the storage device with the motherboard of the computer. Although, these two are similar, but still there is a difference between the two.

First, understand that both SATA and PATA are versions of ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment), which is about the physical, transport and command protocols for attaching storage devices internally to the host system.

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The full form of SATA is – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment). Which is a bus interface, which is used to connect secondary storage devices such as hard disks or optical drives to the motherboard. At the same time, the full form of PATA is Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment. It also has the same use as SATA.

these are the differences
Now talking about the difference between both SATA and PATA, SATA is a new technology, which is much faster and efficient than PATA. Size is also smart. SATA was introduced in 2001 after the demand for PATA declined. There are 2 types of SATA cables – a SATA data cable, which transmits data between the drive and the motherboard, has 7 pins.

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A SATA power cable that connects to a power supply (SMPS) has 15 pins. The major drawback of PATA is that it does not support hot-swapping. If you are buying a PC, then take a SATA cable, because the era of PATA is no more. Devices with SATA work fast, in which devices can be changed without shutting down the entire system. In these the hard drive can be used externally.



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