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What is QR Code? How does it work and how can you create your own QR code? Know the complete process


The full form of QR code is Quick Response Code. Quick means works fast.
A QR code is a pattern of square boxes in which the URL and mobile number are hidden.
Payment can be made easily by scanning the QR code in shopping or any restaurant.

New Delhi. Ever since the process of online payment has started, the word QR code has started being heard among the common people. Whenever we make any purchase or transfer money, it is easy to make payment using QR code. QR codes are also seen on many packets and websites. But do you know why these QR codes are made? Or what does it mean? Today we will talk on this topic that what is QR code and how it proves to be helpful in everyday life?

What is QR Code?
The full form of QR code is Quick Response Code. One information from its name is that the QR code works very fast. The QR code is a pattern in a square box, in which the URL and mobile number are hidden. This is in the form of a pattern, so that it cannot be understood by looking at which number or web address is hidden in it. Today companies around the world are using it.

Where is the QR code used?
Talking about personal use, payment can be easily done by scanning the QR code in shopping or any restaurant. With this, there is no tension of open or free money and there is no need to carry cash with you. Paying becomes easy with the help of just your phone.

QR code can also be used to get information. These days every product has a QR code. By scanning it, information about any product can be easily taken. QR code is also very helpful in business. QR code can also be used as a business card. Also, QR code is also used to promote any product.

It can also be used to log-in to the website. This also saves the time of entering the password again and again. You can also save the picture of the QR code, so that it can be used later. WhatsApp Web is an example of this.

How to Create a QR Code
If someone wants to create his own QR code, then there is no need to go to anyone for that. It can be easily made on your phone. Here are some steps-

  • Click on any QR Code Maker website.
  • After this a website will open where there will be many options such as- URL, Image, VCard, Email, and many more.
  • If you want to create a QR code of a website or other product, then you can enter its URL.
  • As soon as the URL is entered, the QR code of the website will be ready without any delay.
  • You can save the QR code and use it later.

How to Scan QR Code
There are many mobile apps for UPI payment, which can be downloaded in the phone through playstore. Many types of information have to be entered in the app, such as name, phone number, email ID, Aadhaar and PAN card details, PIN or passcode, as well as bank account and other information related to it. After this the app is ready for making payment.

To make the payment, the passcode has to be entered in the app in the beginning. After this, there is an option of Scan QR Code on the first number. QR code scanning starts as soon as you click on it. To scan, move the camera near the QR code.

The app scans immediately and the option to enter the amount to make payment appears on the screen. And finally, after entering the passcode, the payment process is completed. There is another way to scan in any UPI Payment App. Whenever you open the app to scan, there is an option gallery in it. Payment can also be made by putting a picture of the QR code in this gallery.

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