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What is Petabyte? How much storage is needed to store lifelong memories? Find out the answers to these questions

New Delhi:What is Petabyte: You have often heard about bytes, megabytes and gigabytes. If you haven’t heard these words, you must have heard the names MB and GB. MB and GB are used to measure any form of data. This is the basic unit byte. For example, meters, kilometers and miles are used to measure distances. Similarly, bytes, megabytes and gigabytes are used for data or storage. We measure the storage of photos and videos in the phone in MB, GB. In the same way, the human brain stores innumerable things. Think about how many GB these will be? Let us know the answer to this question.

What is Petabyte?

A petabyte is a unit of data. Currently the word is in special discussion. This is a measure of storing data. One petabyte of data will require more than Rs 74.5 crore of floppy disks. You can store this data in 1.5 million CD ROM disks. Both of these methods are not easy to store petabytes. But, this shows how much this data can be. You may have also heard about the movie Avatar. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. 1PB storage was required to render the graphics of this movie.

According to reports, the human brain has 2.5 PB, or 2.5 petabytes of memory. For this storage you need to do Full HD recording for 3.4 years in a row. By the end of 2018, it was possible to store 25PB of data in a Wayback Machine. One petabyte of storage means you have to click 4,000 digital photos every day for the rest of your life. One petabyte is 1024 TB. So one terabyte is 10244GB. According to the report, the Library of Congress has more than 20 PB of data.


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