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What is mobile radiation? Does it cause damage to eyes and skin? Learn the complete information

New Delhi: Nowadays, everything is easily possible with a single click of a smartphone. Everything from shopping to ordering meals online is possible through smartphones. For the same reason, many people spend the day Smartphone Are using. It is safe to say that many are addicted to smartphones. Only, Mobile Overuse can also be dangerous. Radiation from mobiles can damage your skin. Radiation from not only phones but also other electronic devices is dangerous. This weakens the retina of the eye. Also, it damages the skin.

How mobile radiation spreads

Antennas are used in all electronic devices, including mobiles and laptops, which are connected to the signal tower. Antennas emit radiation for connection to this tower. It damages human skin. One thing that all electronic devices have in common is the dangerous effects of radiation on the skin. Itching also occurs when radiation enters the skin. In addition, the skin changes color and turns red or black.

Side effects of radiation

Aging : Every time an electronic device is near, it affects the skin. UV radiation causes the inner layer of tissues in the body to lose elasticity. This leads to premature aging.

Breakouts: Breakout is a common problem caused by the environment. Spending too much time on mobile affects the skin. The skin becomes more sensitive. This can lead to other things, including allergies.

Skin Sensitivity: Radiation and blue light can damage the skin. This causes dark spots on all four sides of the skin. Radiation can cause redness of the skin. Also, dryness can occur. Mobile radiation can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Precautionary measures

  • Mobile should be in the fresh air without much use.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Wash your face regularly. So that the eyes will be clean and the water will feel cool. This will protect the eyes from dangerous radiation.
  • Use a moisturizer to protect against radiation.
  • Also, avoid using the phone while sleeping.
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