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What is in a name? Two EV companies clash over the names Yulu and Zulu, the matter reached the High Court


Yulu and Kinetic Zulu electric scooters.Image Credit source: Yulu/Kinetic Green

Many times we hear, “What’s in a name?” But the whole fight in business is about the name. Electric two-wheeler company Kinetic Green Energy launched an electric scooter named Zulu in December 2023. When Bengaluru-based EV company Yulu came to know about this, it filed a case against Kinetic. Yulu alleged that Kinetic has used the name ‘Zulu’, which is similar to the name Yulu, in violation of the Trademark Act.

Yulu Bikes, India’s largest share electric two-wheeler company, has filed a case in a commercial court in Bengaluru. This case is on violation of trademark rules kinetic green Has been registered against. This litigation has come at a time when Yulu has received funding of Rs 160 crore from companies like Bajaj Auto and Magna.

Confusion with the name Zulu

Yulu had filed the case in January this year. Yulu said that the Zulu brand is very similar to our brand. Such a name may create confusion among customers. At the same time, in its defense, Kinetic Green told Autocar India Professional that it had registered the trademark of Zulu on September 26, 2022.

Kinetic clarified

According to Kinetic, the company started using the Zulu name only after registration. The lower court refused to grant immediate relief on Yulu’s claim. The court allowed Kinetic Green Energy to present its stand. After this Yulu moved the Karnataka High Court.

Yulu vs kinetic green, zulu, high court order

Copy of the order of Karnataka High Court. (Credit:

Kinetic got a blow from the High Court

On February 5, the Karnataka High Court gave temporary relief to Yulu, restraining Kinetic Green from using Yulu or similar trademarks, including Zulu and Kinetic Green Zulu.

Karnataka High Court ordered the Commercial Court to issue the final order in this case by 11 March 2024. Let us tell you that from the official website of Kinetic electric scooter Has been removed.



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