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What is Google Earth, and how it can come in handy for you, understand its specialty here


With the help of Google Earth, 3D view of the building or road can be easily seen.
‘Google Earth’ can accurately help in finding any unknown place.
With Google Earth, you can know what shape or size a building or a tower is.

New Delhi. Do you know about ‘Google Earth’? This is such a service of the world’s largest search engine ‘Google’, which is used like Google Map. In this, you can see the things on earth in the form of 3D print. When you look at a building, a mountain, a lake, a river or a road in ‘Google Earth’, it will look as if they were pictures taken with a drone. In this, you will get to see a 3D view of any building-statue or any big thing, from which it can also be known what shape or size the building or any tower is, so it is a very good facility.

You can access Google Earth from the website on the desktop. Apart from this, it also has an app. Any location or building that you do not understand in ‘Google Map’, you will be able to understand it better with its help.

Features of Google Earth
The specialty of Google Earth is that it also shows you the distance of two places, similar to what you see in Google Maps. With ‘Google Earth’ you will be able to see any place or place like a picture taken with a drone. Apart from this, you can easily find the route to go to any place. ‘Google Earth’ helps you find places accurately.

How to use Google Earth
If you want to use ‘Google Earth’, you can easily download its app from play store. This service of Google is absolutely free. The Google Earth app is downloaded within a few minutes. ‘Google Earth’ will work on all devices like mobiles, tablets, computers and laptops. The bigger the screen of the device, the better.

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