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What is Copilot? Microsoft gets AI tool that can change your lifestyle

What is Microsoft Copilot: The next battlefield in the technology world has been prepared. Now the fight is not to become the king of search engines but to get ahead in the race of AI. Where Google is adding new features to smartphones with the help of its latest AI tool Gemini. Whereas Microsoft has targeted working professionals by launching Copilot.

You must have heard the name of Microsoft Copilot many times. This is an AI chatbot, which can do many tasks for you. Whether you want to write a summary of a web page or create a picture. This chatbot can do this work for you in a jiffy. Microsoft is expanding it rapidly. 

The company is adding the support of this AI chatbot to all its services. That means you will be able to use it on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. The company is adding this tool to all its services in some way so that it will become included in our daily habits like Google. Let us know special things about it. 

What is Microsoft Copilot? 

In the year 2023, we have got to see a lot in the AI ​​world. Earlier, there was discussion everywhere about the Corona epidemic. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which came at the end of 2022, changed the entire discussion. After the launch of ChatGPT, Microsoft launched Bing AI. Whereas Google had launched Bard. 


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