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What is Blue Aadhar Card? Learn about how to make it

Blue Aadhaar Card Benefits: In the last few years, the use of Aadhar card has increased very rapidly. In today’s time, it has become the most important document. Almost every adult in the country has Aadhar card. Through this you can take advantage of many government schemes. Due to its increasing utility, now UIDAI has started releasing it for children as well. The card issued to children below the age of 5 years is called ‘Blue Aadhaar Card’. On hearing the name of Blue Aadhar card, the first thing that comes to mind is that why is it named Blue Aadhar?

What is Blue Aadhar Card?
Blue Aadhar card is issued to children below the age of five years. After the birth of the child, you can get his blue Aadhar card made. This Aadhar card is similar to the normal Aadhar card but, the biometric information of the child is not recorded in it. It is made for children in the age group of 0 to 5 years and is linked with the Aadhar card of the child’s parents. It is used as an ID proof like the common Aadhar card. In this also a unique digit of number 12 is given. It becomes invalid after 5 years and then after the completion of five years, it changes to regular basis after updating the biometric information of the child in it.

This document is needed to make blue base-

    • Birth Certificate of the child
    • School ID
    • parent’s aadhar number

The process of making a blue base-
1. To make blue aadhaar go to the aadhaar center with the above documents.
2. Fill the enrollment form here.
3. Then also enter the Aadhar number of the parents here.
4. After this you will be asked to enter a mobile number.
5. After this, a photograph will be taken of the child and blue Aadhaar will be issued after verifying the documents of the child.

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