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What is 2.5D curved glass in a smartphone? What are the benefits? Find out

New Delhi: The last few years have seen a lot of changes in smartphones. Many things have changed, including the processor, RAM and memory. Now you get a bigger display than before. Besides, there is also a difference in resolution. But, have you ever paid special attention to the glass of the phone? Older phones used to have a flat screen. However, whether it is a cheap phone or an expensive one, most handsets use 2.5D curved glass. However, what is 2.5D curved glass and what are its benefits? Let’s learn about this.

What is 2.5D curved glass?

The 2.5D curved display is not used to make the screen brighter and sharper, it is part of the design. This is used to make the phone attractive. Curved means cracker or slightly curved. In the corner of the screen where the display touches the body, the glass is slightly rounded. It is curved up to 2.5D. In 2.5D, ‘D’ means diameter. That is, the corners are curved 2.5 diameters. On the other hand, the corners of a simple screen are very flat and sharp. These corners are called edges. So in scientific language it is called contour edge. The full display of the phone is not curved, so it is not easy to see. Where the screen and body touch, the display is slightly rounded. Some phones also have 3D glass. Which is more curved than 2.5D.

When did the 2.5D curved display start?

The 2.5D curved display started with the expensive phone. Now you can see this glass even in cheap phones. In 2011, Nokia launched the Lumia 800 model. The phone, which runs on Microsoft Windows Phone OS, first had a 2.5D curved glass display. After Nokia, Samsung got to see this display in Galaxy Note 4 and later in Google Nexus devices.

Advantages of 2.5D curved glass

2.5D curved glass is used to improve the touch response. The screen will not cause any problem when holding the phone in hand. Also, fingers will not touch the body of the phone between touch and swipe, will go out of the screen. It also helps keep the phone small and thin. This is because the screen in the curved display is slightly higher than the body when viewed from the back of the phone, so that the hand does not touch the body. Curved screen gives edge to edge display.

In addition, 2.5G curved glass is stronger than regular screens. Because the process of making the screen curved is very strong. The normal screen may break immediately in the process. Therefore the curved is considered strong. However, 2.5D curved glass does not make it possible to install screen guards. There is no screen guard to the full corners.

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