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What information can be “pushed” about the Russians through the drain from the operators

First, the journalist decided to find out all the numbers issued for him. He went into the salons of all operators and asked for a passport to make a certificate about the numbers issued on him. Everyone except Tele2 issued a certificate. The first one asked to write a statement. It is assumed that, perhaps, that is why “breaking through” a Tele2 subscriber is more expensive.

Then, on the darknet, journalists found a site where you can request a “break”. As a result, it was possible to do this for all four “large” telecom operators. The data is leaked by the employees of the companies. At the same time, someone even makes stupid mistakes, and they can be declassified. The most difficult operator to break through was Tele2. There is no service at all to find a number according to passport data, but you can get passport data by phone number. You can also find out from MTS all numbers registered for one person.

As for the cost of services, it took 7,600 rubles for the same type of “breaking through” a “passport by phone number” for all four operators.

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