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What homemade canned food is life-threatening

In particular, the causative agents of botulism can be found in canned food at home. This disease is characterized by damage to the nervous system and, as a result, it can lead to death.

Botulinum toxin is extremely dangerous even in microscopic quantities – it causes severe damage to the nervous system, up to and including death. These microbes (Clostridium botulinum – ed.) Multiply in the absence of air, at low acidity and mainly at room temperature. A favorite place for the causative agent of botulism is homemade canned food or sausages, various fermented handicraft products, dried fish “, – warned Sapego.

He also said which canned food is most likely to contain deadly microorganisms. So, according to him, botulinum toxin often occurs in canned food with low acidity – any meat products and almost all vegetables.

Microbial spores can withstand boiling, and if there is no special pressure sterilizer at home, then canning turns into a lottery. Spores may or may not fly into the tin. This is unpredictable. But this bacterium does not grow in berry or fruit canned food, because there is a lot of acid in them ”, – said the doctor.

The specialist recommended to subject the product to heat treatment before eating canned food. The fact is that high temperatures contribute to the destruction of botulinum toxin.

News stories cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Before making a decision, consult a specialist.

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