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What “heavy suite” looks like in soundbars and what it can do

By the way, the remote control can tell you something about the pleasant functional details of this soundbar. For example, in addition to the “Movie”, “Music” and “Standard” modes, it is possible to activate automatic content detection. There is also an option to improve the sound of the voice for all kinds of stand-ups, bloggers, podcasts, audiobooks and movies with a focus on dialogues. And at night, you can activate a mode with lower frequencies. In addition, the remote control switches the Immersive AE mode, which tries to squeeze the maximum volume out of the usual soundtrack.

However, advanced soundbar settings are still available through the graphical interface. However, most users will likely check for the various options once upon first power-up, but are unlikely to refer to them often in the future. In general, I note that Sony HT-A7000 is quite friendly and works out of the box, without obliging to tinker with the settings, although it gives advanced users a chance to tinker a little for their pleasure.

How does it sound? In all scenarios – excellent

The soundbar is equipped with speakers in a 7.1.2 channel configuration: two vertically oriented speakers, two tweeters and five front speakers, as well as a built-in dual subwoofer. Together they provide a total power of 500 watts. Describing in words exactly how the soundbar sounds is an undertaking doomed to failure right from the start. It will still not work to convey the impressions, but I will try to be at least somewhat informative.

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