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What happens inside water droplets, new research will solve many questions!

Water is one of the biggest pillars of life on earth. Almost all living beings in the world need water to live. The reservoir of water on our earth is very large, but the amount of potable water is much less than that. Scientists have been doing research for a long time about the properties of water. After all, what happens inside the water droplets? Why does it change its shape? Why does water freeze at low temperatures, many such questions have been floating in the minds of scientists for years.

Reports According to, researchers from the University of Birmingham and Sapienza Universitat di Roma have uncovered a unique water property. It was first proposed three decades ago. According to researchers, water can change into two different liquids, which is called phase transition. However, this happens at extremely cold temperatures. But water becomes solid at cold temperatures and turns into ice as well.

Exactly this happens and for almost 30 years, this has remained the biggest challenge in confirming the theory that has puzzled scientists. According to scientists, there are some hidden chemical reactions inside water, the reasons for which are still not known. Study findings in the journal Nature Physics publish have been done. It states that a key feature of liquid water is the anomalous behavior of its thermodynamic reaction functions upon cooling.

Francesco Sciortino, now a professor at the Sapienza Universitat di Roma and a co-author of the study, was also part of the original team that proposed the idea of ​​a liquid-liquid phase transition in water in 1992. He said that for the first time we have proposed a view of the liquid liquid phase transition. He said that I am sure that this work will inspire novel theoretical modeling based on topological concepts.

According to the University of Birmingham, the researchers used a colloidal model of water in their simulation and then used two widely used molecular models of water. Colloids are particles that can be a thousand times larger than a molecule of water.

The lead author of the paper, Dr. Dwaipayan Chakraborty, said that this colloidal model of water gives information about molecular water and enables to unravel the secrets of water related to the two liquids. The purpose of this research is to observe underwater and explore the activities and chemistry at the molecular level, which can be further analyzed.

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