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What happens if you register on a scammer’s website, but do not transfer money

Cybersecurity experts of Rosselkhozbank warned the Russians about this. Experts noted that even without buying anything, the user is already making it easier for fraudsters to collect confidential information. On its basis, fraudsters can take on different guises, making “personal” offers, and then simply disappearing with the money.

Also, cybercriminals will be able to “plant” malicious programs on user’s devices to spy on other people and networks. Or they can encrypt the computer and demand a ransom for decrypting the files.

“Even without buying anything, you can lose personal data simply by leaving information about yourself on a fraudulent website. If you enter your username and password, then they can be used to try to log in to many other sites and services where you may also be registered. And if you want to log in as a user of a social network, then at least wait for a wave of advertising mailings, ”the experts emphasize.

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