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What habits increase the risk of coronavirus

Therapist, candidate of medical sciences Alexey Khukhrev told what habits affect immunity and lead to diseases with various viruses, including COVID-19.

According to the expert, viruses enter the body due to the weak mucous membranes that make up our body. Chronic stress, lack of sleep, overeating and smoking lead to the degradation of mucous membranes.

Heartburn occurs due to poor nutrition. When the acid constantly burns the mucous membrane, it becomes atrophic and dry. Then viruses easily penetrate through it into cells. Heartburn can be caused not only by overeating, but also by improper drinking regime when a person drinks little. Such people are more likely to suffer from viral diseases.

In everyday life, it is important to wash your hands after returning home, especially before eating. Coronavirus spreads very quickly through dirty hands. The doctor also noted that the living room should not be excessively dry, the house should be constantly ventilated and wet cleaning should be carried out, because then a lot of particles fly off from a person that can have a negative effect on the body.

“Our body is protected not only by the skin, but also by the mucous membranes. The quality of the mucous membranes largely determines the resistance to viral diseases. If the mucous membrane is normal, moist, thick, it produces a sufficient amount of protective substances from which the virus can be inactivated. If a person smokes, then the mucous membrane becomes irritated, inflamed, becomes thin, through it the virus enters the body much faster, ”stressed Aleksey Khukhrev.

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