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What habits associated with water harm the human body

Usually, many questions are always associated with water and its benefits for the human body. For example, what water is safest for your health or how much water you need to drink daily. At the same time, there are habits that are harmful to health.

  1. Do not wash the cooler… When water passes through the tanks of the cooler, it becomes contaminated. Studies show that if the cooler is not washed for three months, then dangerous bacteria will begin to multiply in its containers: E. coli, staphylococcus aureus. For this reason, experts advise washing once a month and once every two weeks in the summer months. And office coolers need to be cleaned even more often.
  1. Drink tap water immediately after boiling… In order to reduce the content of chlorine and other hazardous compounds in boiled water, you must first draw water from the tap into a separate container. After that, you need to let this water settle a little, and then put on fire and bring to a boil. In this case, it is recommended to boil for three minutes.
  1. Drink only bottled water… The fact is that plastic bottles contain substances that can lead to poisoning of the body. If the water is not drunk immediately after opening it, these harmful substances will penetrate into it. It is also for this reason that such water should not be placed in the sun or heated. The best way out of the situation is to purchase a good reusable bottle, into which the water will be poured.
  1. Drink water that has been boiled several times… After boiling the water once, even if there is still water in the kettle, it is better to pour it out and pour in a new one. In a cooler, the water is usually heated to a maximum of 90 degrees Celsius, however, experts still advise drinking all bottled water within 15 days after the bottle left the factory.
  1. Drink water only when you feel thirsty… In fact, it is necessary to drink water even when the thirst has not arisen. This will help you stay hydrated and generally replenish your body’s water reserves.



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