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What GTA 5, Doom and Crysis look like on a classic Game Boy

The there oughta be YouTube channel has posted a video that demonstrates and describes the process of playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on the classic Game Boy handheld game console.

Encoder and modder Sebastian Staaks was also able to play the original Doom and even Crysis on the ancient console. He clarified that although these games can be played on the Game Boy, they are not rendered on this console, but are streamed to it via a special Wi-Fi cartridge.

A few weeks ago, I created a Game Boy cartridge with built-in Wi-Fi. Now I taught him how to stream video and stream games at 20 fps on an unmodified original Game Boy.

Sebastian Staaks

The modder clarified that with the help of such a cartridge, absolutely any game from PlayStatin or PC can be displayed on the Game Boy screen. He also clarified that when creating the Game Boy cartridge with built-in Wi-Fi, he did not take into account the issue of sound transmission.

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