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What geoengineering techniques can help stop global warming and save the Earth

  1. Removal of greenhouse gases… Among the methods that stand out here are: reforestation; “Charring” and disposal of biomass so that carbon remains in the soil; growing biomass and burning it for energy and CO2 capture; development of technologies that will take carbon dioxide from the air and direct it to a specially designated place; adding various nutrients to the ocean; the release of minerals that react with carbon dioxide, and the storage of this compound in the soil or ocean; crushing and then dissolving rocks in the ocean.

As for modern projects that are being implemented and created in different countries, the US projects can be cited as an example. One of them is associated with the “lightening” of sea clouds, that is, with “seeding” them with sea salt and other substances. Another project is called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEX). It involves the launch of meteorological balloons, which will release small particles of necessary substances in the stratosphere.

The disadvantage of geoengineering methods is that all existing research in this area is based only on computer modeling. In addition, the use of such methods is associated with many socio-political issues. For example, it is not clear which countries can introduce such technology. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the possibility of using such methods on a more global scale, among scientists, politicians, public activists, and representatives of the intelligentsia.

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