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What exactly is the difference between a water resistant, water repellent and a waterproof smartphone? Know everything

Phones have become smarter today in this age of technology. The company is introducing phones with powerful features for the convenience of the customers. In addition, the phone has good build quality to make it last longer. Gorilla Glass protection is also provided to protect the screen of the phone. Besides, another thing that can be seen in the phone is protection from water. There are currently very few phones in the market that come with water resistant. However, it is important to keep the phone safe. Phones come with special coating and certification. Which makes them water resistant, repellent and waterproof. However, often the meaning of water resistant, water repellent and waterproof is not noticed. Users often suffer because they do not know the meaning of these things. So let’s find out what the difference is.

If the company claims that the phone is water resistant, it means water will not seep into the handset. Many watches also offer such technology. Since the device is water resistant, a few drops of water on it does not spoil the product. However, this does not mean that you will drown your phone. Water resistant does not mean waterproof. In case of water resistant, the rating is given as 1 to 9. IP ratings are based on an experiment over the phone. This will allow you to understand how safe your phone is in the water.

Water repellent

If the company claims water repellent for smartphones, it means a thin coating on the handset. This coating prevents water from entering the phone. The phone has this coating on both inside and outside. Most smartphone companies make this coating through hydrophobic. According to experts, water repellent smartphones are better and safer than ordinary phones. This coating does not affect the water on the phone. Also, even if the phone is in the water for a long time, it is more likely to be damaged.


Many smartphones come with waterproof certification. This means the phone doesn’t get damaged even in water. Not only this, with the help of waterproof certification you can use your smartphone for underwater photography. However, keep in mind that such phones are only waterproof from 1 meter to 1.5 meters underwater. However, if the phone falls into deeper water than this, it is likely to get damaged. Also, the phone can be damaged even if it is in the water for a long time. So when buying a new smartphone, make sure that it falls into the category of waterproof, water resistant or water repellent.

The best waterproof smartphones available in India

You may have read that phones come with IP ratings. IP stands for International Protection Marking, as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Many phones come with IP67 and IP68 certification. This rating shows how safe the phone is in the water. There are some waterproof smartphones in the Indian market. These include Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Vivo X70 Pro Plus and ONEPLUS 9 PRO.

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