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What does USB-C charging port make mandatory: Govt

Following in the footsteps of the European Union in mandating USB-C chargers for all electronics, the Indian government is also moving in the same direction. The government has pushed ahead with its plan to have a single charging port for smartphones, laptops and tablets in India. As a part of these, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) – is working on charging electronics and gadgets in the country.

Why Common Charger for Electronics

Consumer Affairs Department says that consumer interest and reducing e-waste is of paramount importance. The European Union also claims similar reasons for making USB Type-C mandatory. It has been argued that this change will have a positive effect on the environment. There are 2 charging types considered for electronic devices in India.
As far as the timeline of the rollout is concerned, it has been agreed to roll out the plans in line and in a proper manner so that the consumers do not face any problem in the transition. According to Rohit Kumar Singh, consumer affairs secretary, India will meet the European Union (EU) deadline, i.e. December 28, 2024, “as mobile and electronics manufacturers have orders from across the country.”

What does this mean for Android users?

Most Android smartphone manufacturers have nothing to worry about with this mandate as their phones already come with USB-C charging ports. In fact, most earphones, laptops, tablets, etc. sold in India have USB-C ports. The handful that still offer Micro-USB ports will have to roll out the new changes before the deadline.

What does this mean for Apple?

Apple is one company that will be hit hardest due to the new mandate. The iPhone maker is the biggest phone maker that does not come with USB-C for wired charging. Apple counters that if the company shifts to USB-C, there will be e-waste as millions of users will have to shift to the new standard and throw away their Lightning cables.

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