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What does NASA say about the presence of aliens?

There is always a question in the mind of every person who is interested in space or space – does life exist anywhere other than Earth? Even after many space missions, we have not yet been able to find traces of life anywhere outside the Earth. Although many times we do hear about UFO sighting in any part of the world. But often these news do not prove to be true and many always remain a mystery. If the Universe is considered infinite, then we have not yet scratched its surface even a hair. Meanwhile, a NASA scientist has tried to answer some questions about aliens and their presence.

In a video on NASA’s Instagram page, astrobiology expert Dr. Lindsay Hayes says it’s a really interesting question—a question that scientists have been trying to understand and elaborate on for a really long time. Yet they have not been able to find life on any other planet.

She goes on to say – but NASA is constantly looking for signs of life beyond the earth. The US space agency has sent five rovers and four landers to Mars. In addition, their orbiters are equipped with very high-resolution cameras, which keep an eye on the surface of Mars. Yet only a small part of Mars has been explored so far. The more they explore, the more they learn about the different environments for life to thrive.

“So we can’t say yet whether or not aliens exist,” Hayes said.
Then she repeats the line of American astronomer and best-selling author Carl Sagan, “The universe is a huge place. If it’s only us, it’s nothing but a sheer waste of space.”

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However, many users said that life exists outside the Earth. It’s just a matter of time that NASA hasn’t been able to find it yet. “Of course they (aliens) do happen! They are!” User griffith.david1 commented on the post.
“If they exist, we hope they are friendly,” commented user sputniksworld.
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